Summer of Love

Summer of Love!

Ooh the hippiehippie shake!

Following on from the festival theme of the overall event, our evening requires guests to get into the spirit of the ‘Summer of Love’ – all things peace, flower-power and full 60s fashion!



Prepare for an era when sporting double denim was not just accepted but encouraged! Brace yourself for the combination of flared pants with fringed accents, vests paired with shawls, and crochet details adorning everything! The fashion sense of the Summer of Love was effortlessly groovy.

Whether you’re channelling the iconic style of the era or dressing up as a famous band from the time, feel free to experiment with anything that captures the spirit of the swinging 60s!


The Summer of Love embraced a harmonious connection with nature, and hairstyles were no different. Embrace the trend with tousled beach waves, carefree pixie cuts, and adorned beards.


Sunglasses, peace signs, bold necklaces… No Summer of Love look is complete without the accessories! Anything was game, you want to decorate a top hat with floral? Go for it! Wear a peace sign on your head? Love that! Have as much fun as possible, you can’t go wrong!