PapernetLogoSofidel Away From Home (AFH) is a global pan category paper supplier with a key focus on innovation and virgin fibre. The Sofidel Group currently sits at no.2 in Europe. We are committed to innovation and production quality and the adoption of socially and environmentally responsible behaviours.

‘Papernet’ is the Sofidel brand for Away From Home. Unique, distinctive and dynamic, it is destined to attract recognition as a leading brand among large and small customers. Papernet is a flexible brand, capable of catering to the individual needs of customers by offering a broad range of products spanning various quality standards.

Papernet supplies everything from toilet rolls to hand towels, which includes our innovative ‘Tech lines’. Sofidel AFH has produced a number of exciting products which solve real problems experienced by customers whilst adding value to you.

Our Biotech products are an exclusive ‘biologically active’ tissue which actively cleans and sanitises pipes and sewerage systems. Biotech products reduce the cost of extraordinary maintenance (dredging maintenance) by up to 40% in comparison with normal toilet paper. It will decrease the risk of clogging, eliminate unpleasant odours and it only takes 30 days to clean your pipes!

The Dissolve Tech hand towels perform like premium hand towels but are designed to break down like toilet tissue when flushed. The Dissolve Tech products have excellent wet strength and on average your customers will use 33% fewer towels vs regular flushable hand towels.

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Tom Uttley, Key Account Manager
07545 439593