Country Range’s honeys and maple & agave syrup are packed and supplied by Rowse Honey Ltd. These products are both delicious and versatile as an ingredient for sweetening and flavour enhancing a wide range of dishes; from starters, to main courses, to desserts.

They are available in a wide range of convenient packaging varieties and in a capacity for every chef’s requirement.

A few hints and tips about honey and maple/agave syrup:
• Honey is humectant (meaning that it retains moisture) making it perfect for baking as it helps to keep cakes and biscuits moist
• Honey is hygroscopic (meaning it attracts moisture) so is ideal to use in marinades to make meat more tender and succulent
• The sweetness of honey and maple/agave syrup helps to counteract the spiciness of chillis, peppers and garlic
• Honey can offset sour things beautifully, such as citrus fruits and really intensifies a food’s natural sweetness
• Honey and maple/agave syrup is perfect as a BBQ sauce as it caramelises as it cooks and gives a tangy, distinct flavour when marinating meat
• Cheese and honey make a unique and tasty pairing. A drizzle of sweet honey is the perfect contrast to the salty nature of cheese
• Adding honey to salad dressings and sauces can enhance the flavour whilst controlling the acidity of the vinegar
• Maple/agave syrup is an excellent accompaniment when drizzled on waffles, crumpets, pancakes etc

Exhibition Product Showcase

This year we will be showcasing a range of honey and maple/agave syrups currently supplied to the members - along with providing information on the versatility of these products within cooking.

Competitions and Promotions

Free honey or maple product samples are being given to all visitors that visit the stand!


Neil Dixon, National Account Manager
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