Mission Foodservice


Mission Foods are a flatbread business specialising in Flour Tortillas, Naan Bread & Tortilla Chips, on a daily basis we produce around 75 million Tortillas across the globe!

We will be showcasing a range of the products we produce across Flour Tortilla, Flavoured Tortilla, Tortilla Chips & Naan Bread We will be demonstrating how versatile the Tortilla is, have you ever used flour Tortillas in a lasagne rather than pasta or used it as a sweet dessert?

Mexican cuisine is still the biggest growth sector in the UK and we can help you maximise your sales in the area through our knowledge of the market and our product innovation.

It isn’t just a Wrap!

On the day we will be serving the following:
• Hot bacon, sausage Tortillas
• Pulled slow cooked brisket with gravy Burrito
• Fruit Tubes (fresh fruit with lemon cream wrapped up and served with fruit coulis)

Our Development Chef Simon will be in attendance and we look forward to meeting you on our stand.

Martin Brown
07753 935 634