Meridian Foods

work-meridianMeridian Foods, the UK’s leading producer of premium nut butters, is launching six delicious protein-rich nut bars within CRG.

The new bars are made with the company’s popular nut butters and will be come in a 40g size. Suitable for vegans they are gluten, dairy, soya and wheat-free, are packed with a high content of nuts.  They will provide a new protein-rich snack for those on-the-go and health and fitness enthusiasts looking to refuel their bodies with natural energy.

Protein is provided naturally from Meridian’s roasted nuts and not by added processed protein that is found in most protein and recovery bars. The Nut Bars are crammed with 55% peanuts and the Peanut plus bars are around 50% nuts and have added fruit and Cocoa.

Each bar contains significantly more than mainstream cereal and nut bars. We are the first peanut butter brand to move into the healthy snack bar sector and believe that consumers will appreciate the simple goodness that can be found in the new bars.

These nutty bars, with their naturally superior content, will pack a highly nutritious punch into the healthy snacking sector.

Dan Bewicke, Business Development Manager, 3V Natural Foods Limited
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