If your customers love fries – and who doesn’t? – be sure to call by our stand at the CRG summer event; it could be a game changer for your business!

Lamb Weston has a vast and exciting range of frozen potato products, including sweet potato, designed to help drive profits.

New products

Experience our latest innovation – Hot2Home™ Fries, set to shake up the home delivery market with an end to cold, soggy fries, no matter the traffic! The concept is a winning combination of two parts: newly developed fries with a special ultra-thin starch coating (a closely-kept secret recipe!) to ensure they stay crispy and flavourful longer – plus a patented packaging that works with the fries coating to stay hot and crispy for 20 minutes.

Exhibition Product Showcase

We’ll be showcasing another secret weapon in our culinary armoury – our Stealth Fries® Skin-on 9/9 have a patented coating of almost transparent batter, which guarantees fries that are crunchier than standard fries and keep warmer longer.  Their premium quality means more servings per Kg, making them also the most profitable fries!

Sharing the limelight will be our delicious Connoisseur Fries – Chunky, Home Style (in two cut sizes) and Rustic Skin-On – with extra crunch, lots of skin, and a full potato taste.

While you’re with us, dive into our ever-popular Potato Puffs.  They’re amazing with a great British breakfast, as a trendy snack or on a sharing platter, as dippers, in a wrap or adorned with a tasty topping such as chilli beef and sour cream.


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