Harrogate Spring, the original British bottled water, is sourced from Britain's original spa town, drawing on over 400 years of bottled water history to produce one of the finest spring waters in the world. Synonymous with style and elegance, Harrogate combines its award-winning diamond bottle with a perfectly balanced mineral content and clean taste.

Harrogate Water Brands produce both Harrogate Spring & Thirsty Planet, both brands are available in both Glass & PET.

Exhibition Product Showcase

Harrogate will be showcasing all of the Harrogate & Thirsty Planet range.

Exhibition Competition

We will be running a competition whereby each delegate that visits the stand will have the opportunity to win cases of beer and bottles of wine and the winner will win a bottle of Gin, the competition will consist of trying to get 10 empty, and squashed Harrogate water bottles into the recycling bins on the stand and score as many points as possible, we will have a leader board and the top 3 will win a prize, it's great fun and highlights the fact that all Harrogate & Thirsty Planet bottles are 100% recyclable.


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