Farm Frites

Farm Frites has manufactured high quality chilled and frozen potato products for 45 years from its potato factory and headquarters in Europe. Since opening its UK office 25 years ago, Farm Frites has continued to supply operators from QSR to premium casual dining with potato products which cater for the dynamic demands of today’s consumer.

Whether fries, thick-cut chips, wedges, mash or hash browns, its products take the strain off chefs by reducing the mess and stress in creating products from scratch.

The founder of Farm Frites was a farmer and this expertise has passed through the generations. The company’s farms in Holland and Belgium are managed alongside local farmers who expertly and sustainably manage the land and use their expertise to deliver top quality potatoes all year round.

Sustainability lies at the core of the Farm Frites business. It carries out a sustainability audit every year to continually improve processes and production methods and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Farm Frites also scored 8/9 in the latest WWF report on sustainable palm oil.

Fresh produce lies at the heart of the quality which Farm Frites strives for. Potatoes are harvested, manufactured and frozen at the peak of freshness for the best in taste. It’s company mission is to grow from potatoes to happy faces through great products, a sustainable business, continuous development and an on-going commitment to health and safety.

Ian Hardman
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