Eat Balanced

Healthy eating is a hot topic and caterers are under increasing pressure to provide healthy menu options. The company Eat Balanced, has designed a range of pizzas with a leading Professor of Nutrition – to create the world’s first nutritionally balanced pizzas specifically for kids – Pizza Power Kids.

These delicious pizzas provide the right levels of fat, salt and sugar, as well as protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, using all natural ingredients, designed especially for kids nutrition needs.

  • Kids love these because they are really tasty, so there are always clean plates and big smiles.
  • Parents loves these because they have all the nutrients your children need for good health

Our strategy is “Health by Stealth“ and we believe it is the prefect way for you to sell more of the ‘healthy option’ and increase your margins.

We use innovative ingredients like Seaweed to replace salt, a blend of high fibre flours and roasted red pepper puree through the sauce to boost vegetable intake.
Pizza Power Kids range includes:
  1. 5″ pizza – perfect for pubs and leisure centres
  2. 15″ x 11″ slab – ideal for large catering outlets like schools
  3. 9″ x 6″ slab – perfect for kids party venues
  4. Pizza Panda – a fun shape for a fun day out – theme parks, holiday parks, zoos etc
Please taste to believe before adding it to your product portfolio.”


Katie Sillars, Brand Director, Eat Balanced