Coldpress is the leading light in ‘cold pressure’ juices (HPP).

The fight against excessive sugar and calories has led to the break-up of the UK’s long-established chilled drinks category; ushering in a new wave of ambitious, well-rounded juices pursuing a bold, health-conscious agenda.

Naturally you can’t beat freshly squeezed juice, but who has the time or inclination to squeeze fruit and veg every day? Sip for sip, Coldpress is as close as most of us will ever get to marching into an orchard with a high-powered blender and a very long extension lead.

Good Science = Healthier Living

Coldpress juices bristle with 100% natural goodness and beneficial nutrients by choosing to avoid debilitating heat in its ongoing quest to keep mischievous bacteria at bay. You certainly wouldn’t boil an orange before boiling it so why subject best-in-class ingredients to heavy-handed bursts of heat? Pasteurisation is well-meaning but clunky technology from the 1950’s. The simple truth is that in its enthusiasm to bring bad bacteria to book, heat crushes many of the all-important flavour notes and nutrients that made the ingredients so special in the first place.

The use of eco-friendly hydrostatic pressure underpins our unflinching commitment to look after the best interests of our ingredients, because there’s little point tracking down the world’s finest ingredients if you then treat them with indifference.

We essence we believe that if we look after the ingredients, they in turn will look after you, which is why our extensive range of drinks ripple with vibrant tastes and nutritional worth.

• Single Varietal & Juice Blends
• Fruit & Veg Juices
• Smoothies
• Fruity Coconut Waters
• Fruity Nut Milks
• & Fruity Sparkling Waters

Bushra Al-Salehi,