Handmade Cake Co


We began life over 30 years ago in the kitchen of Diana Maher. She was an exceptional cook who Anne and Andrew Perry turned to when they couldn’t find cakes that they were happy to sell in their coffee shops. Diana’s cakes tasted so good that, almost by accident, a new business was born.


Today, many of Diana’s original recipes are still used for some of our best loved cakes. We have a thriving bakery in Berkshire which has ‘A grade’ BRC certification and a team of bakers and finishers who take huge pride in what they do. The number of cakes we make keeps on growing but our batch size stays nice and small.

Most years we submit a few of our cakes to the Great Taste Awards judges. We’re proud to say that we’ve won 30 Great Taste Awards in the last 13 years. Genuine independent confirmation that our cakes do taste special.

Tel: 01628 779057