Hooba Foods

Hooba… Why Hooba? The truth is we just liked the sound and look of the word, though it does mean ‘mushroom’ in Slovakian. Well, ‘Huba’ does, and we just tweaked it a little. And of course, without our beloved mushrooms we wouldn’t have the wonderful taste and satisfying textures of Hooba.

We’re on a mission to do our bit to help improve the well-being of the nation by producing tasty food that contains less fat, calories, no meat but all the flavour!.

Hooba provides a range of Sausages, Burgers, Meat-Free Balls, Mince and Sausage Rolls for the food service industry. Hooba takes the stress out of providing meat-free alternatives.

Hooba also actively supports our Community Interest Company, Hooba Urban. Through our partnerships with YMCA, Virgin Trains and HM Prison Service we provide business skills and training by growing mushrooms on recycled coffee grounds in underutilised urban environments.

Jay Croslegh (Director)
Office:01325 625 250
Mobile No. 07762 151062
Website: www.hoobafoods.com