The deadline for completing the additional electrical supply form is Monday 1 May 2017. If you miss this deadline and submit the form after this date you will be liable for a 25% surcharge payable to the electrical contractor.

If you need further electrical power supply on site during the exhibition build or the show itself it will be subject to availability, 30% surcharge and immediate payment.

Each exhibitor will be supplied with one 500w electrical socket free of charge.

You can order further sockets, lighting, higher capacity or 24 hour supply sockets for an additional cost, payable by your company.

It is very important to ensure that you will have enough electrical power for the equipment being used on your stand.

If you have not ordered sufficient power supply the organisers reserve the right to instruct you to remove electrical equipment from your stand.

Exhibitors requiring an electrical upgrade, or other services, should detail their requirements on the form above.

If you are in any doubt or need further advice please contact our electrical contractor, Stagecraftuk on 01952 281553.



The information below has been extracted from the EVA regulations for stand / electrical installations updated in June 2001.

Sockets (Outlet) Supply
A standard socket supplied from the local building distribution network can sound complex, but it is not really. It becomes complex if we make it so.

The main rules are as follows:

1 single outlet = 1 x a 4 way unit rated at 500 watts total load, e.g. a mobile phone charger and laptop, or alternatively 5 x 100 watts lamp (bulbs) on a pop up stand.

The 4-way unit must not be longer than 2 metres from the socket source and should be fused in the unit by a relevant fuse rating (13 amps). The cable should be of a compliant flex construction and not be of a non-flexible construction i.e. twin and earth.

Any supply required above 500 watts must be specially ordered, so as to enable technical services to calculate loadings on the supply circuit.

Electrical rules and regulations
1. Please note, that NO daisy chaining (connecting) from one 4-way unit to another 2/4 way unit is allowed as this could compromise the circuit loading. Any stand that is found to be daisy chaining may have the cables removed without notice or the power shut off if they are deemed as dangerous.

2. All 4 way units used in the exhibition/conference environment should have a current PAT test and should have the relevant certified sticker or certificate available upon request. No units of above 4 ways can be used i.e. 6 way, 10 way etc

3. Under no circumstances are exhibitors or contractors allowed to access any power connections within the venue.

4. Please ensure that all lighting is designed so that it does not cause nuisance to any neighbouring stands or venue access

A competent person must have tested any electrical appliance connected to a socket before it is plugged in and energised. The responsibility for ensuring such testing is that of the person, or persons responsible for bringing the equipment in the hall. Make sure all equipment is P.A.T. tested on a regular basis and is visually sound including flex and plug. Current test certificate must be available on equipment for random checking by the Venue Management.

You are advised to keep a copy of all information you send to us.

If you require further information or help please contact Sally Bartrum on 01379 650112.