CRGTV at the 2016 Country Range Group Event


Unilever Food Solutions demonstrate the versatility of Hellman’s Mayonnaise used in conjunction with a gourmet burger.

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Top-notch seafood

On the Whitby Seafoods stand we get to sample peri-peri prawns, sea salt and black pepper scampi, chiperones – and much more!

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Son of Street Food!

We visit the Santa Maria Food Truck to learn all about Street Food 2 – and sample a tasty Thai curry.

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Sosa uncovered

HB Ingredients’ Tracey Hughes and Sam Rain (recent winner of Bake Off Crème de la Creme) give us a crash course on the benefits and flexibility of Sosa ingredients.

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Proper pasties – and more!

There’s no better place than the Proper Cornish stand to sample handmade Cornish pasties and speciality sausage rolls.

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Pull the udder one…

You couldn’t make it up – milking custard on the Premier Foods’ stand to celebrate the launch of the new Ambrosia Deluxe Pots.

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Pint-size CRG Event 2016

A rush around the 2016 conference and exhibition – in just a couple of minutes!

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