Over 65 years ago the Sidoli family had a bakery in the centre of Shrewsbury, it was locally famous for its wonderful artisan breads, morning goods and speciality cream cakes. Ahead of his time Dominic Sidoli invited bakers to demonstrate their skills to his staff from both Switzerland and Denmark showcasing the original freshly baked cookies and pastries that are so popular everywhere today.

These amazing cookies and cakes were made in the bakery at the rear of the shop and sold fresh from the oven to customers. Our Chairman Carlo Sidoli started training as a chef and then went on to work in the family business for his father.

He had a passion for making desserts and wanted to use these skills to make only high quality products but on a larger scale. Over 35 years ago his opportunity came up as a small run down factory unit came to the market.

After a great deal of hard work to get the factory up to a good standard, our first in line pie machine was installed. The engineer had suggested maybe altering the recipes to better suit the machine, he was told in no uncertain terms that his machine had to work with our recipes and not the other way around!

That principle has remained in place for over 35 years!

We firmly believe it is the confidence our customers have had in our ability to produce high quality hand finished products combined with the fantastic team that we have developed over the years that has enabled us to grow to the size we are today.  Using only the highest quality ingredients and the best traditional production methods to achieve the high standard of products for our very discerning customers.

Gilly Barber