Country Range’s honeys and maple & agave syrup are packed and supplied by Rowse Honey Ltd. These products are both delicious and versatile as an ingredient for sweetening and flavour enhancing a wide range of dishes; from starters, to main courses, to desserts. They are available in a wide range of convenient packaging varieties and in a capacity for every chef’s requirement.

A few hints and tips about honey:

• Honey is humectant (meaning that it retains moisture) making it perfect for baking as it helps to keep cakes and biscuits moist

• Honey is hygroscopic (meaning it attracts moisture) so is ideal to use in marinades to make meat more tender and succulent

• The sweetness of honey helps to counteract the spiciness of chillis, peppers and garlic

• Honey can offset sour things beautifully, such as citrus fruits and really intensifies a food’s natural sweetness

• Honey is perfect as a BBQ sauce as it caramelises as it cooks and gives a tangy, distinct flavour when marinading meat

• Cheese and honey make a unique and tasty pairing. A drizzle of sweet honey is the perfect contrast to the salty nature of cheese

• Adding honey to salad dressings and sauces can enhance the flavour whilst controlling the acidity of the vinegar

Neil Dixon, National Account Manager
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