At McCain we’re passionate about potatoes. From the seed potato to the finished product, we apply the care and attention you’d expect from one of Britain’s leading brands, so that when it arrives on your customer’s plate, you know they’ll be back for more.

Understanding that every sector and catering outlet has different needs is one of our strengths, delivering perfect potato products is another.

Whether you’re looking to increase satisfaction with your existing customers, make their menu stand out in a crowded market or get more customers through their door, there is a wide range of McCain products to suit all your customers needs, from McCain Menu Signatures Sweet Potato Fries, Staycrisp Skin On Julienne Fries and Menu Signatures Roast potatoes.

With a reputation built on quality and continuous research, we know which products will help to make your customers business a success. Using only the finest potatoes we provide solutions that help ease operational pressures through flexible storage and cooking options, save your customers time and money, help them manage their budgets, and provide marketing support to you to grow your customer base. Our pre-prepared potato products offer busy kitchens hassle-free options that help them to achieve excellent service and delicious food – every plate, every customer, every day.

Hayley Campbell | Business Manager
t: 07771 837 672